Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis is considered the “Greatest Karate Fighter” of All-Time and is the former World Heavyweight full contact and point champion. “I use the ProFlex for two reasons: it works both the upper and lower body, and it doesn’t break like other equipment. I use the best equipment I can find.”





Tom Kite

“This is the golf swing!” Tom Kite works out on his ProFlex Stretch at home. Tom is currently one of the all-time money winners on the PGA Tour.






Dr. Bob Rotella

Dr. Bob Rotella is internationally known for his work in the area of sports psychology. “I believe that all good golfers and top golf instructors understand the importance of good flexibility relating to the golf swing. The confidence gained through the measured flexibility improvements will have a very positive impact on any athlete.”




Dr. Gary Wiren

Dr. Gary Wiren “Athletic training is essential. Golfers looking for the competitive edge take physical conditioning seriously. The flexibility gained from using the ProFlex Stretch will impact the golfer most dramatically and will pay big dividends on the course…as you maximize your potential as a golf athlete.”





Butch Harmon

Butch Harmon  “Flexibility and having or improving range of motion is the most important physical attribute to focus on for any level golfer. By increasing one’s flexibility their club head speed will automatically increase. For the aging golfer, an improved range of motion will help regain their full fluid swing. They will not lapse into punching the ball that almost always follows the loss of flexibility due to age.”  The ProFlex  stretching machine, used at the Butch Harmon School of Golf, was developed to keep stretching simple, effective, and address the three critical components that must be present for maximum results. 1. It keeps the user in the correct “biomechanic” position. 2. It allows the user to remain relaxed, a requirement for proper and safe stretching 3. It measures your improvement.



Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly  four-time super bowl quarterback for the Buffalo Bills adds “the ProFlex is incredible for keeping you fit and flexible. I compare the ProFlex’s advantage over conventional stretching to moving from jogging in place to using a treadmill.”






Dr. Louis BiglianiDr. Louis Bigliani Chairman of the Department Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, states, “The beauty of your machine is that it is something that can be done rapidly without a great deal of effort. Furthermore, it provides a very reasonable stretch to muscles and tendons, which, in fact never stretch, despite whatever type of exercise, massage or physical therapy you might have. Being able to stretch the groin area as well as the hamstrings and thoracic cage muscles allows you to loosen up quickly for golf.”



American College of Sports Medicine

Stephen Tharrett (M.S. Exercise Physiology and Program Director for the American College of Sports Medicine) says “The ProFlex assures the user of proper biomechanical positioning in performing correct, effective stretches relating to posture and daily function.”






Ann Gilbert

Ann Gilbert IHRSA/ACE Personal Trainer of the Year says: “I have tried every stretching method on the market, and after only 30 days of using the ProFlexTM, my clients improved 30% in their range of motion, and some even up to 50%. The ProFlexTM works as promised and my clients love it!”




Bobby Wadkins

Bobby Wadkins “I started using the ProFlex about a year prior to winning my first Senior event title. It definitely improved my flexibility and range of motion, and has helped me to once again compete at the highest level of competition.”





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