Here are the most common questions received about the ProFlex Stretching Machine:


Q. What is the warranty and the return policy on the ProFlex Stretching Machine?
The warranty is six months on parts and a 30-day money back guarantee for all new machines.


Q. How much space does the stretching machine require?
The exact dimensions are on the order page. The machine stacks up on end so space requirements are minimal.


Q. Is the ProFlex hard to assemble?
The machine is shipped with it’s own tools and requires just six bolts for complete assembly.


Q. How much does the ProFlex Stretch weigh and does it take up much floor space?
The machine weighs a sturdy 80 lbs and requires little floor space when not in use.


Q. How hard is the machine to move around?
The stretch machine has heavy duty roller blade wheels, making it easy to move and manuver around with one hand.


Q. Can anyone use the ProFlex?
As when starting any new exercise program, you should consult a physician. The ProFlex, when used properly, can be used safely and effectively by all ages.


Q. Is the machine hard to operate?
No. The ProFlex comes with a detailed, easy to follow instructional DVD which walks you through the system.


Q. How do I know if I’m using the machine properly?
The ProFlex insures proper technique by properly aligning your spine and providing a safe, assisted, static stretch.


Q. Is the ProFlex well built or is it similar to other home stretching machines?
The ProFlex is manufactured by one of the largest exercise equipment manufactures in the world. It’s well built and will not break under normal use.


Q. How does the ProFlex differ from other leg stretching machines and other flexibility equipment?
The ProFlex is the only stretching machine that provides the three critical factors for safe and effective gains in flexibility. They are (1) measures both upper and lower body progress (2) insures proper spine angle and technique (3) provides an assited stretch, allowing user to completely relax.


Q.How long will it take to get my machine once I’ve ordered it?
Usually ships within one week, arriving door to door anywhere in the U.S. within two weeks from order.


Q. Who uses the machine and what results have they seen?
The ProFlex has many applications and has won numerous awards for effectiveness, more than any other stretching machine in the industry. Please see the testimonials page for a detailed list.


Q. How long does it take to see improvements in my flexibility and range of motion?
The average use realizes a 50% increase within 30 days. In many cases,  customers have improved their flexibility by 100% within 6 weeks. The real beauty is that it only requires five minutes per day!


Q. Will the improved flexibility I get from the ProFlex help with my back pain?
One of the many benefits of increasing flexibility, especially in the hamstring and spine, is decreased back pain. Many users see an immediate improvement in low back pain within the first week of uaing the ProFlex Stretch.


Q. Will my golf swing get better and other sports performance issues as well?
Swing speed in your golf swing can improve between 30 and 50 MPH within the first 30 days. Most athletes that use the ProFlex reposrt significant improvements in their performance in 4 to 6 weeks.


Q. After I purchase the ProFlex and try it, if I’m dissatisfied, can I send it back for a full refund?
If you use the machine as directed and are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase price with no questons asked. We have never had a dissatisied customer regarding the efficacy, quality or function of the machine.


Q. Does an instructional DVD or Video come with the machine?
Yes. Please see the order page for a complete llist of items recieved with the machine


Q. Can I achieve the full Chinese splits using the ProFlex Stretching Machine?
Yes. Many of our customers have failed to reach the full splits tryoing all other stretching equipment and techniques. After using the ProFlex, they report full splits fairly quickly.


Q. Is the ProFlex available in different colors?
We only offer the ProFlex in the new charcoal gray, which is currenbtly the most popular color in commercial and residential exercise equipment.


Q. How does the machine arrive?
We ship UPS and you will receive a tracking number via email to insure convenient delivery.

ProFlex Stretching Machine