Are You Dangerously Inflexible?

Can you touch your toes with your legs straight? Are you chopping at golf balls? While sitting on the floor, can you spread your legs out 120 degrees? If not, you may be DANGEROUSLY INFLEXIBLE! One of the hottest topics in golf today is flexibility. Everyone loses flexibility as they age regardless of lifestyle. With proper stretching this process can be slowed down. Some people are simply genetically inflexible. It’s estimated the majority of “lower back” problems can be attributed to tight hamstrings. According to Butch Harmon, “Flexibility and having or improving range of motion is the most important physical attribute to focus on for any level golfer.” Harmon also states, “By increasing one’s flexibility their club head speed will automatically increase. For the aging golfer, an improved range of motion will help regain their full fluid swing. They will not lapse into punching the ball that almost always follows the loss of flexibility due to age. “

Most golfers have enough strength to swing a golf club. Even though strength is important, it is usually the lack of flexibility that inhibits most golfers from performing a full fluid back swing, which allows them to create greater club head speed and finish with a full follow through. Improved flexibility will help your swing stay “on line” and you will get maximum benefit from your hips and shoulders, not just your arms.

The ProFlex stretching machine, used at the Butch Harmon School of Golf, was developed to keep stretching simple, effective, and address the three critical components that must be present for maximum results. 1. It keeps the user in the correct “biomechanic” position. 2. It allows the user to remain relaxed, a requirement for proper and safe stretching 3. It measures your improvement. Golf Digest gave it their highest rating and Sports Illustrated rated it the #3 new golf product. Tom Kite and many other tour professionals are now using the ProFlex in their training programs. Upon using the machine for the first time, Tom Kite stated, “this is the golf swing.” Dr. Bob Rotella stated that it is essential to relax while stretching. The ProFlex accomplishes this task.

ProFlex Stretching Machine