ProFlex Stretching Machine

The World’s Best Stretching Machine!

The only stretching equipment that addresses the three critical factors for maximizing flexibility:

— Proper Technique

— Measure progress

— Relaxation (assisted stretch)

See results from only 5 minutes, every other day (three days per week)

Stretch Like the Pros!

Measure your personal progress!


Many ProFlexTM users experience a 50-100% gain in flexibility in as little as 30 days!


Regardless of your age or skill level, flexibility plays a vital role in your overall health and quality of life.


Get started on the new you today!

Myriad Benefits

Increase fluidity of movement, enhance posture and improve coordination.

Slow Aging

Increase your range of motion and combat medical ailments such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Quality Design

Built using commercial-grade materials and manufactured by the world’s leading exercise equipment company. Excellent customer support.

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Jim Kelly
Four-time super bowl quarterback for the Buffalo Bills

“The ProFlex is incredible for keeping you fit and flexible. I compare the ProFlex’s advantage over conventional stretching to moving from jogging in place to using a treadmill.”


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ProFlex Stretching Machine